Pilot tram

Earlier, Odesa City Council decided to introduce an automated public transport fare system.

For the presentation of one of the possible solutions, it was suggested to try out TeleCard’s fare system that uses NFC-cards and QR-codes, and, in vehicles, devices for reading of identificators, recorded on electronic media, – validators, are used. All technical equipment is designed by Odesa “Telecart-Pribor” plant.

To introduce the new system to Odesa citizens, our company designed a pilot tram that will function in a test mode. The tram is equipped with validators and will run along Route 21. In the test version of the project, passengers will not be able to directly pay the actual fare in favor of the transport company, but they will be able to familiarize themselves with the system operation. Moreover, the city administration and the transport company will be able to “test” the hardware solution for environmental resistance including shaking, smashes, scratches, moisture and others.

The payment mechanisms, offered by the system, is extremely simple: passengers purchase a one-time ticket with a QR code or an NFC-reusable card, and the validator installed in the vehicle considers the information recorded on the electronic device and signals the acceptance of payment by sound and light signal.

The system is designed to provide convenient fare and control, as well as reduce the delay of public transport at stops. In the future, the city authorities will be able to introduce a variety of flexible tariff systems.