TeleCard сompany specializes in complex IT solutions for the cities. We have a large number of partners on equipment rooms and program components. The company selects optimal solutions to each city tasks.


To simplify city service work we introduce automation of many routine processes. It also allows introducing the control on the provided services, their payments and, based on real analytics, to perform optimization.


We have long-term city service experience in other countries. It helps us select hardware and software solutions judiciously and optimum. These solutions will execute most fully the city administration tasks on the basis of the modern technologies and the principles, such as multimodality, inclusivity, flexible tariff disciplines, authentic account, unlimited scalability, information security, reliability.


There is nothing in a city which wouldn't demand introduction of information systems both for basic services rendering, and for additional services. Our services can be used for the payment systems in the city transport, parking and other city utilities, and for the information support for citizens and tourists.

  • Ticket offices at bus stops
  • Mobile app
  • The mobile operator
  • SMS payment
  • board at public transport stops
  • mobile application
  • SMS-informing

Validation of fare by means of:

  • QR code
  • NFC identificator
  • Instant execution of settlement payments
  • Inclusion of actual favourable consideration
The city government
Transport company
Service users
City service ultimate consumer is, for example, a transport passenger, a driver at a parking lot, a museum visitor and so on. It is enough to identify yourself by NFC device, QR code at the appropriate terminal (a validator in public transport, a parking meter, a mobile terminal in a taxi) to pay for services. It initiates the equivalent amount to be transferred to the company’s expense account as a payment for the providing service.
Vehicle (V) - tram, trolleybus, bus, metro, taxi, taxi bus, funicular, registered in the system for passenger transportation. Vehicle is equipped with validators (devices intended for fare registration). Validators read out the information from NFC devices and QR codes, decode it and transmit it to the vehicle onboard computer. Once the information has been processed, ‘FARE IS PAID ‘or ‘FARE ISN'T PAID’ results are displayed on validator’s screen result. Results are displayed by means of sound and light signals.
Transport Company
Transport companies (TCs) are the carriers which have the right to provide services for transporting passengers. TCs that are registered in the system have their accounts and access through a personal account. At present, TCs get information about vehicles including driver's name, the amount of revenue, scheduling etc.
Payment Points
The receipt of payment from system users (passengers) and remittance of funds is carried out through Pay Points (PPs). The system accepts money in specially equipped pay points: through agents - in self-service interactive kiosks, newspaper and other kiosks, shops, payment terminals, banks; online on the System website – by means of bank cards and electronic money WebMoney, Yandex.Money etc.
Subsidizing organization
The significance of subsidizing organizations lies in their ability to provide privileged passenger category with financial and administrative. They make lists of such passengers, distribute ID-cards among them, and reimburse transport fate to Transport companies.
CityPass Card
It is the unified payment method with due allowance for reimbursement loyalty program. The card is presented in a form of NFC device (bracelet, pendant, phone), which is associated with the services for city citizens and tourists. Card is optimized for comfortable using of city services such as public transport and taxi fare, parking, visiting museums, zoos, tours etc.
GPS allows you to keep full control over the location of the vehicles and subsequent provision of information to passengers through mobile applications about transport schedule and delays. Operations control center will be informed about the vehicles location and their status. All tracking will be performed in real and with the use of analytical data.
Automated Parking System
Parkomat allows you to pay for a parking service in the same way any Pay Point does. You can pay by getting a single confirmation and with the CityPass Card.
Museum and other city services
The city provides a large number of services for its residents and tourists including visiting museums, zoo, parks, galleries, play areas, planetarium, and much more that can be paid with unified CityPass Card. The city government has a complete control over pricing and the loyalty system. Therefore, it can make immediate decisions on holding any kinds of specials like free pass or visiting of cultural places.
Information displays at bus stops and mass places
The panel at the bus stop can provide information about arrival time of transport automatically, based on the information from operations control centers.
For the city
  • Improving the quality of transport service
  • Total control over the traffic situation in real time
  • Accurate and timely data to oversee the implementation of the municipal contract for the carriage of passengers
  • Optimization of budget expenditures on transport
  • Statistics analysis: optimization of the route network
  • Accounting of personalized transportation privileges
  • Equal competitive environment on the passenger transportation market
  • Monetization services: Parking, theaters, museums
  • Services for tourists and support of tourists services
  • Payment of school meals, subsidized goods and services
For passengers
  • Simple and convenient payment procedure
  • Variability of payment methods
  • Awareness about the routes
  • Smartphone app, e-ticketing
  • A personal account: travel history, planning, information
  • Loyalty: savings and promotions
  • One ID works with all types of transport
  • For elderly people and children - convenient form of NFC identificator - bracelet
  • One-time and re-usable "tickets"
  • Convenience for tourists: no change
  • Flexible pricing discipline
  • Justice: everyone pays
For private companies
  • Increase of revenue - increase of income from the first day
  • Flexible billing
  • Real reports to compensate the privileged passengers’ fare
  • Turnkey solution with a low cost of connection: it is enough to install the equipment and to register in the system to start accepting fare
  • The withdrawal from circulation fraudulent travel cards and authorization documents
  • Elimination of the possibility to return the purchased ticket to the conductor
  • Automatic detection of stowaways and callout of controller
  • Information on the number of passengers and payment in real time
  • Confirmation of earnings - the basis for fare arguing
Single fare system for all types of public transport and other urban services.
Reduction of losses from ticketless travel and other unpaid city services.
Efficient and transparent distribution of the revenue between participants of process of passengers transportation.
Dispatching and load monitoring of routes and vehicles.
Compensation of travel privileges to transport companies on the basis of real reports.
Providing convenient services for city residents and tourists.
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About the company

TeleCard company has been created to implement projects related to the automation of local services - public transport, parking lots; providing relevant information to city residents and tourists at specialized interactive kiosks; introduction of the use of security cameras with centralized information processing, archiving and telemonitoring; using the unified CityPass card created a possibility to conduct calculations.

Automation of local services positively affects the quality of provided services, minimization of the negative human impact on the process, setting standards, increase of competitiveness and satisfaction of customers’ needs; and demonstrates the validity of prices; based on actual calculations rather than guesswork and assumptions, helps to balance resources as needed.

By operating its own design bureau, owning a production with up-to-date equipment and counting dozens of successful projects, we are proud of what we do, and with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction we label our products "Made in Ukraine"!

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